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#2879 Add "Default site" to Site Manager kalebgrace

Please bring back the "Default site" option to the Site Manager. This option allows a particular site to be selected automatically upon opening the Site Manager. This feature was in FileZilla 2.x. For more info, see 1792193.

#4272 rejected Add "Don't ask again" to "File has changed" popup window Levani

Every time after editing a file with my default editor and saving the file, it asks me over and over again upload the file back to server or not. I think it's rather unpleasant. Why not add one checkbox, which when checked automatically uploads the file without asking anything?

Sorry if this function already exits... :)

#2987 Add "Prompt for Username & Password" to Site Manager and CLI Alexander Schuch quarky42


I would like to be able to create a shortcut to FileZilla that launches an FTP to an address specified within the shortcut.

FileZilla already does this partially, however I need to have the user enter their username and password every time. I cannot store the username in the shortcut and I cannot save usernames/passwords in the site manager.

So in the shortcut I would like to have something like this as the command:

"c:\program files\FileZilla FTP Client\FileZilla.exe" address -f

Where "address" is the address of the ftp server that I put into the shortcut and "-f" or some other switch tells FileZilla to prompt for the username and password before connecting to the server.

This would allow me to deploy a shortcut to all the machines that I use that will connect for any user to a given FTP server, but it will prompt them for their information upon the initial connect each time.

Thanks for your consideration,


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