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#9260 duplicate Moving files on server side - no warning Harald

Hello, I very strong request following future: when moving a file or a directory in the server side window, there should a warning dialog; i.e. like: "Want you really move xxx to the destination yyy" [YES] [CANCEL]

Why is this important? Because there can be a lot of trouble when you using FTP on a virtual server as root (where you can not connect other to do admin transfers) and unintended move i.e. some library directory. Just some mouse wipe, and ups, later on you searching what has happened an get a lot of trouble. With a warning you would get in attention what happened and you can stop the move with CANCEL before it has started. I look for this future in FileZilla since years ago. My old FTP-Client WS_FTP form 2001 had implemented this behavior. I could bye a new WS_FTP version but I would more like to use FilleZilla. But without any warning it is to dangerous for me to use FileZilla. I think it is not very complicated to realize this. In addition there could a option in the properties dialog to activate and deactivate this Move-Warning-Dialog; because some do not like it.

Thank you for an update when its would be done

#4342 outdated "Econnrefused" Message Brian Morgan

I upgraded today and got a "ECONNREFUSED" message. Connection refused by server. This is a first for me, so I had to do it the harder way.

I have Zone Alarm, but it's never stopped it before. My PC is running home edition XP.

Here's an image of the problem


#10313 rejected Option for having detailed log always on Hacker?pcs

As title says, an option to have the detailed log always enabled would be nice.

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