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#37 remote Files don't show on NT4 server Tim Kosse didiermisson

I try FileZilla 1.6. Seem very interesting.

It work well when I test it with "" I can see the directories and files on their site.

But when I try on our NT 4 server, the connection is OK, but I don't see the list of files and directories! I only see the ".." entry. No other elements !

If I try simply in a DOS box, with the FTP client of NT4, it work. I can see the list of files with the "ls" command.

I think the Telnet/FTP server on the NT4 server is Fictional Daemon v4.1 (

How can I solde this problem ? I will also go on the Fictional Daemon web site to see if this problem is know...

Thanks a lot Didier

#38 Confusing order in site manager Tim Kosse rglidden

It's a minor detail, but the fact that the login type is BELOW the fields where you type in your username and password in the site manager is slightly counter- intuitive. When adding a new entry to the site manager, you generally want to fill the information in the dialog from the top-down. If you want to use a non-anonymous login, you have to first go DOWN to where you can define login type, then back UP to type in your logon information.

It seems silly, but try doing it with the keyboard and no mouse. It makes the error even more evident.

#39 Calling FileZilla from Command-Line anonymous

When I call FileZilla.exe from the Win2K command line by entering "filezilla", the program crashes. When I enter "filezilla.exe" or run the program via the start menu or Windows explorer, the error does not occur. Under Windows 98 SE the error also does not occur. It occurs only with Windows 2000.

FileZilla Version: 1.6 final. OS: Windows 2000, SP2. Error: Unhandled exception in FileZilla.exe (VERSION.DLL): 0x00000005: Access Violation.

Christian d'Heureuse (chdh@…)

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