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#2939 On VMS, remove version number Alexander Schuch diara042

It would be very helphull if the (ej. ;2) version number is removed when transfering a file from Open VMS. At this moment when you transfer a file from VMS, it also transfer the version number as part of the whole name. This make impossible to detect in AUTO mode if the file is ASCII or Binary and also no association could be made on the Windows side unless you remove the version number.

Example File with version number: test.txt;10 File without version number: test.txt

#2950 improve timeout message Alexander Schuch cweiske

When a timeout occurs, the log shows you "server disconnected". It could tell us "Server disconnected. Press the R button to reconnect." This would help some users to discover this feature.

#2951 Folder-Browsing Synchronization Alexander Schuch garbanas

How about synchronizing the folder-views while navigating through either directory tree (local or remote site). If the selected folder (name) equals a folder (name) in the opposite view, on "folder sync" a doubleclick on one of them triggers the same action on the other.

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