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#2872 add option to turn off automatic transfer of edited files Alexander Schuch clembibou

Dear Filezilla team,

  • In FZ2 the effect of double clicking on a file was configurable (Edit or launch file/Transfer); I may have missed it, but it seems that it is not the case anymore in FZ3, and I regret it.
  • It would be nice to add an option to launch the Site manager on startup (like in FZ2 again).
  • Although this could be useful for certain user, I find the automatic notice that a recently transfered file has been edited ("Do you want to update it ?") quite annoying. Would it be possible to add the option to turn the automatic transfer of edited files off ?

Thanks in advance and above all, thanks for this nice program !

#2877 Enable/Disable proxy usage on a per site basis. Alexander Schuch ballie01

When operating behind a firewall, there is a need to connect to sites that are both behind and outside of the firewall. It would be a good thing to be able to enable/disable the use of the FTP proxy on a site by site basis. Right now, you have to set the proxy to 'None' to connect to the internal sites and set it to the proxy to use to access sites outside the firewall. Unfortunately, setting the proxy to 'None' loses the custom proxy settings (which I have to use).

This feature I am requesting to add is:

All enabling/disabling of the use of the FTP proxy by site in the client.

#2908 add right-click copy URL for remote files Alexander Schuch snoopyjc

Add a right-click "copy URL" (to clipboard) feature to remote files/folders. Associate a URL with sites/paths in the site manager and use this to compute the answer. This is the feature I miss the most from "Smart FTP Client". --joe

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