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#5435 fixed Directory Listing includes date as part of filename Tim Kosse Felix Oxley

The date (in Lithuanian) is included as the first part of the filename. The date column is empty.

Screen shot, logs and network capture attached.

#5462 fixed Remote file search: add dates Tim Kosse Barry McKay

It would be helpful to be able to search all remote files modified in a specific date range to track recent changes or if your site has been FTP hacked and you know when.

The Remote File Search (F3) feature would therefore need to be expanded to include "Last Modified" date to first drop down where Filename, Filesize and Path are currently. As well the drop down next to that would need to specify two new options: "greater than" and "less than" and then the ability enter a date and time in maybe a masked field so that a full date and full time would need to be entered.

For example: Last Modified; Greater than; 08/07/2010 9:23:00 am Last Modified; Less than; 08/07/2010 9:45:00 am

This would be a very useful feature. You could search and download just the files that have been changed in a certain time period which would save a lot of time and bandwidth.

#5473 fixed Ampersand (&) in site password creates invalid XML Tim Kosse James

I'm using FileZilla client 3.3.3 and when I use the ampersand (&) symbol in a password for a site it is stored in the XML file as '&' not '&amp;'. If I manually change it from '&' to '&amp;' then FileZilla is ok until I update the site or close and reopen FileZilla. Updating the site affects 'sitemanager.xml' and closing affects 'filezilla.xml' (<LastServer><Pass> tag), thus 'filezilla.xml' cannot be read and the default settings are used.

I've attached screen shots of the errors generated for each of these files.

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