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#5344 fixed Filezilla doubleclick brings file renaming Dovydas

Most of the time when I double click on a file or folder instead of uploading it or opening a folder it opens a file renaming box. It's extremely annoying. And sometimes if you double click on a folder it brings file rename box, opens a folder and renames random subfolder name into a file name from the main folder. It wastes time and patience.

#5367 fixed 7-hour error on timestamp for all sent files John O'Leary

Two parties have verified that text files sent via FileZilla show a new "last modified date" that is seven hours ago. Yet, others looking at the same files on the remote server using SQL Tools 1.5 see the correct timestamp.

I am using Windows XP Pro SP3, and the files are being transferred to any of several servers. In the Site Manager, we have the timezone offsets set to zero (in fact, the seven-hour error is in the wrong direction for this to be the difference between PDT and GMT.)

Here's the kicker: if you drag the affected file back from the remote server, it keeps the same wrong timestamp!

Love the product, just trying to help make it better...

#5369 fixed favicon not showing on webpage wayne

I have a 16*16 .ico image in the root directory but it IE doesn't see it, could it be a problem with the server? Thanks

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