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#4897 invalid Error: local: unable to open VR

If I'm trying to copy files from SFTP server in my case (I guess from any server) directly to mapped network drive I get following symptoms:

Some files are transferred OK but then Filezilla Client hogs CPU time (whole machine becomes bit unresponsive) and after some timeout following error appears:

error while writing local file

and to some other files after this one: local: unable to open Z:\dir\ec\to\rytree\file.end

Files with error are partially transferred and then stopped.

Like said error do not appear on all files. If I transfer files to my own hard drive everything works. This behavior appear with versions 3.2.8 and works correctly.

#10869 worksforme File upload freezes GShocked

I've seen similarly-titled threads, but none describe what I am experiencing.

It basically just transfers a bit, then freezes in the middle of the transfer, and continues eventually.

I am transferring a .mp4 file to a flash drive that is plugged into my Netgear router via Readyshare FTP.

So why is this happening? When I look at task manager, it says FileZilla is using 0% of my disk speed when it freezes, but changes when it continues.

Is this a hard drive or ram problem?

#10553 rejected Server-Side Dates Not Correcting for Timezone Garry

Version 3.10.x functions properly. Version 3.11.x does not function properly.

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