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#9758 rejected Transfer error in version Freisu

Hi, i installed FileZilla Client from the filezilla Screen today After Installation all of my Uploads failed with error message after reaching 100%. Filezilla shows an smaller target file size, perhaps 4096 but 1.566.348

Then i used another pc with an older Version of filezilla. After Connection I found the uploaded file with the full size on the target device. The file was OK.

#4472 fixed Sumary status onm selected files/directories is wrong if multiple selection is used Marco Freudenberger

The summary status on number of selected files / bytes is wrong (too many files) if multiple files are selected using CTRL, SHIFT+CTRL keys. once wrong, the status stays wrong until a single files is selected. Also the sum of file sizes is wrong. It looks like a file is calculated in two times if it was selected using CTRL+left mbutton if CTRL+SHIFT+left mbutton is pressed to extend the selection. The wrong behaviour exists both for local and remote file selections.

Example / how to reproduce:

  • Open a folder with 8 files of 1024 bytes each (just as an example).
  • Select the 1st file (left mouse button). The summary shows "1 file selected. Total size: 1.024 Bytes" [correct]
  • Select the 3rd file (CTRL + left m.button). The summary shows "2 file selected. Total size: 2.048 Bytes" [correct]
  • Extend the selection to include files 4+5, by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+l.m.button. There are 4 files selected. Summary shows "5 files selected. Total size: 5.120 Bytes" [WRONG !]

Example attached (see ..._ex1.png)

Additional info: The problem always starts when you use CTRL+SHIFT+MOUSE. e.g. select single file 1, CTRL+SHIFT+click file 5 shows "6 files selected", although only 5 are selected. if I continue to CTRL+SHIFT+LMB click alternating on file 1 and file 5 there are still only 5 files selected, but status grows by +5 files (and their size) everytime I do this.

Example attached (see ..._ex2.png)

#9856 invalid While Streaming a video file , speed is randomly dropping to 0 , from 1 MB to 0 in a split second. Fujosej21

Ok, i almost fully explained this issue in this thread (, so basically when i am streaming a file, the speed value is acting rather strange,it is randomly dropping to zero and backing up to its normal value, and continues in this fashion till the end of the file that is being streamed. here is a good example of what i've just explained.(Please watch the video, it shows the problem in action really well)

For more info: i am using latest Filezilla server.

My streaming setup is like this: Using Ipad to connect to my Ftp Server through IP that is providing my server, then i am using App (Nplayer in this case)to stream whatever i want.

Guys , if its normal behavior ,i would like to know what the theory behind it? I think its not normal , cause speed should be kinda stable , jumping maybe from 100KB to 900KB, not dropping randomly from 1MB to 0. Really looking forward to your answer.

Sorry if what i said is offensive in some way, i really just wanna help you guys to make this server as good as it can be.

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