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#12174 duplicate FZ 3.48.0: On reopening a server file, the popup always comes up defaulting to "Reopen local file" mrkgnao

I believe this issue is new to FZ 3.48.0.

When one reopens a previously-opened server file, one gets a well-known popup asking whether to "Reopen local file" or "Discard local file then download and edit file anew".

Prior to version 3.48.0, IIRC, this popup would come up with a value already selected, that value being the one the user had last selected (i.e. remembering the user's last selection, whether reopen or discard). As of version 3.48.0, this is no longer the case. The popup always comes up defaulting to "reopen", which is slightly inconvenient for me, as I almost always require "discard" (i.e. an extra click).

Not a huge issue, but it would be nice to have FZ return to remembering one's choice (or alternatively adding an option as to what should be the default value for this popup).

#12170 duplicate FZ 3.48.0 Client File Associations Broken - Similar to other tickets Bob Fletcher

On Windows 10. When I try to View/Edit a file on the server, it offers to Use system association (which is notepad++ on my machine). However, it then gives error -- File could not be opened. No program associated with this file type. Things work fine with FZ

#12169 duplicate 3.48.0 Windows 10 File Type problem jajames16694

This may be related to 12164 but I'm not completely sure. When downloading files such as log files the default application is not being picked up from windows although a default is associated. This results in the message 'The file XXXX cannot be opened. no program has been associated on your system with this file type.' To be clear this is happening on any file type html, jsp, log, jpeg, png a;; with different default apps. I have downloaded 3.47.2 which is downloading and opening these file types without issue. So image 2 shows after selecting 'OK' on image 1.


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