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#5258 fixed Downloading a file with a colon ":" in it makes 0 byte file Stoob Crats

Whenever I download a single file with a name like "jvm.stdout.2010-03-03-11:18" from my linux server to my Windows XP machine it looks like it's downloading it, but when it's finished, the file is 0 bytes. The file is still renamed properly "jvm.stdout.2010-03-03-11" to support windows naming requirements.

But if I select 2 files, e.g. "jvm.stdout.2010-03-03-11:18" and "localhost.2010-03-03.log", then both files are downloaded properly.

It's only when I select the single file with the colon in it does it not download properly.

But maybe it's not the colon at all. Maybe it's something to do with the file name itself. So please try with the file names I've given you.

#5262 fixed (option to) show site manager at startup Edward W Tim

It would be most helpful if Filezilla offered an option to show the Site Manager at startup since 99% of the time that is what I do :-)

#5267 fixed Drag drop extremely badly broken on OSX Ger teunis

Dragging files from remove FTP to local disk will result in unpredictable tranfers. When I drag one file from httpdocs it tranfered the complete httpdocs to local disk.

Once it even renamed a folder "downloads" to "" which was the file I wanted to drag locally.

Very very badly broken now. I've remove the .filezilla from my home and the preferences from ~/Library/Preferences/de.FileZillaxxx and redownloaded the latest stable.

I am very sure I am not making an invalid drag operation.

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