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#2483 Proxy type USER fireID@RemoteID@RemoteHost Alexander Schuch johnlines

Another popular category of FTP proxies uses

USER fireID@RemoteID@RemoteHost

and then sends the password as FirePass@RemotePass

Please consider adding this - which would be simpler than the more general 1209840 proxy config feature request (which would also solve this)

#2504 Command line - no Site Manager Alexander Schuch b_switzer

Could you please, if appropriate command line arguments are provided, NOT pop up Site Manager.

A side effect of which is it is off trying to connect, and failing, but one has to have the presence of mind to kill the site manager in order to get to the stop symbol.

Or, provide an option that avoids Site Manager (letting one immediately to Quick Connect).

#2519 user login at connection time Alexander Schuch andrewsource


I would like FZ to do the following, at connect time :

  • to supply the username in the "Enter your Password"

dialog box. even if it cannot be modified. I use dozens of servers, with different users, and I cannot guess which user password FZ is asking me for.

or the username could be an optional field in the site manager "Site Details" panel. And then the user would supply at connect time both the username AND the password.

I just need to know which user's password I must supply the dialog box with. And I think most of users would.

Thanks for your great work.


For info These feature requests ask for similar functionality. 1006513, 1065486, 679524, 617076

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