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#173 fixed rename to a name of an existing file edmondtse

I wanted to rename a filename on ftp server. Unfortunately, the filename I rename to is the same as an existing file!

Finally, the existing file is replaced.

Is this a bug?

Thanks a lot

#183 fixed Upload of an empty directory Luke stbland

FileZilla Version 2.0.2

The upload of an empty directory do nothing : it don't create the directory on remote server.

Ps : sorry for my english, I m french

#606 fixed Server: PORT does not accept IPs with leading zeros anonymous

The FileZilla server can not open the data port when the port command looks like:

PORT 192,168,160,010,80,51

Seems the leading zero in the 010 bothers him as changing the IP to 100 worked well.

Just for the files: the client is a DEMAG injection moulding machine with an NC4 controller running a EuroMap63 protocol via FTP. They have a very lousy FTP implementation and for now only Serv-U and FileZilla (accept the mentioned flaw) work with it...

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
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