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3<title>HARRY SHEA</title>
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7<h1><img src="ffap40.jpg" align="left" border=3><font color="#00ff00">HARRY SHEA</font></h1>
8<strong>First Appearance:</strong> November 16, 1981<br>
9<strong>Last Appearance:</strong> July 23, 1982<br>
10<strong>Portrayer:</strong> Edward Power, November 16, 1981 - July 23, 1982.<br>
11<strong>Introduction Scenes:</strong> (November 16) Sitting at TallBoys talking to Steve Frame (RIP).<br>
12(November 17) The Blackhawk dock site to Joe Masterson about the union election, "It might be bad luck for the two front runners to be seen talking together."<br>
13<strong>Cause of Death:</strong> Hit by a falling steel beam.<br>
14<strong>Place of Death:</strong> A construction site.<br>
15<strong>Relatives:</strong> Pete Shea, son. Bridget Shea, daughter. Terri Shea, daughter.<br>
16<strong>Spouses:</strong> Loretta Shea (RIP) (dissolved in April 1982).<br>
17<strong>Medical History:</strong> Heart attack (1982).<br>
18<strong>Former Occupations:</strong> Employee of Frame Construction.