First Appearance: November 16, 1981
Last Appearance: July 23, 1982
Portrayer: Edward Power, November 16, 1981 - July 23, 1982.
Introduction Scenes: (November 16) Sitting at TallBoys talking to Steve Frame (RIP).
(November 17) The Blackhawk dock site to Joe Masterson about the union election, "It might be bad luck for the two front runners to be seen talking together."
Cause of Death: Hit by a falling steel beam.
Place of Death: A construction site.
Relatives: Pete Shea, son. Bridget Shea, daughter. Terri Shea, daughter.
Spouses: Loretta Shea (RIP) (dissolved in April 1982).
Medical History: Heart attack (1982).
Former Occupations: Employee of Frame Construction.