Ticket #11457: FileZillaLog.txt

File FileZillaLog.txt, 2.3 KB (added by Piotr, 6 years ago)
1Status: Connecting to
2Trace: CControlSocket::SendNextCommand()
3Trace: CSftpConnectOpData::Send() in state 0
4Trace: Going to execute C:\Program Files\FileZilla FTP Client\fzsftp.exe
5Response: fzSftp started, protocol_version=8
6Trace: CSftpConnectOpData::ParseResponse() in state 0
7Trace: CControlSocket::SendNextCommand()
8Trace: CSftpConnectOpData::Send() in state 3
9Command: open "test@" 22
10Trace: Connecting to port 22
11Trace: We claim version: SSH-2.0-FileZilla_3.29.0
12Trace: Server version: SSH-2.0-Serv-U_15.1.5.10
13Trace: Using SSH protocol version 2
14Trace: Using Diffie-Hellman with standard group "group14"
15Trace: Doing Diffie-Hellman key exchange with hash SHA-1
16Trace: Host key fingerprint is:
17Trace: ssh-rsa 1024 e4:dd:11:2e:82:34:ab:62:59:1c:c8:62:1d:4b:48:99 U7gTHqAEWWcc9s4RaafFus7Ijsdvqbd/3IS8Juih3ys=
18Trace: Initialised AES-256 SDCTR client->server encryption
19Trace: Initialised HMAC-SHA-256 client->server MAC algorithm
20Trace: Initialised AES-256 SDCTR server->client encryption
21Trace: Initialised HMAC-SHA-256 server->client MAC algorithm
22Command: Pass: ****
23Trace: Sent password
24Trace: Access granted
25Trace: Opening session as main channel
26Trace: Opened main channel
27Trace: Started a shell/command
28Status: Connected to
29Trace: CSftpConnectOpData::ParseResponse() in state 3
30Trace: CControlSocket::ResetOperation(0)
31Trace: CSftpConnectOpData::Reset(0) in state 3
32Trace: CFileZillaEnginePrivate::ResetOperation(0)
33Status: Retrieving directory listing...
34Trace: CControlSocket::SendNextCommand()
35Trace: CSftpListOpData::Send() in state 0
36Trace: CSftpChangeDirOpData::Send() in state 0
37Trace: CSftpChangeDirOpData::Send() in state 1
38Command: pwd
39Response: Current directory is: "/"
40Trace: CSftpChangeDirOpData::ParseResponse() in state 1
41Trace: CControlSocket::ResetOperation(0)
42Trace: CControlSocket::ParseSubcommandResult(0)
43Trace: CSftpListOpData::SubcommandResult() in state 1
44Trace: CControlSocket::SendNextCommand()
45Trace: CSftpListOpData::Send() in state 2
46Trace: CSftpListOpData::Send() in state 3
47Command: ls
48Status: Listing directory /
49Trace: CSftpListOpData::ParseResponse() in state 3
50Trace: CControlSocket::ResetOperation(0)
51Status: Directory listing of "/" successful
52Trace: CFileZillaEnginePrivate::ResetOperation(0)