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Sumary status onm selected files/directories is wrong if multiple selection is used — at Initial Version

Reported by: Marco Freudenberger Owned by:
Priority: normal Component: FileZilla Client
Keywords: status multiple selection summary files count size Cc:
Component version: Operating system type: Windows
Operating system version: Windows XP SP 2


The summary status on number of selected files / bytes is wrong (too many files) if multiple files are selected using CTRL, SHIFT+CTRL keys. once wrong, the status stays wrong until a single files is selected. Also the sum of file sizes is wrong. It looks like a file is calculated in two times if it was selected using CTRL+left mbutton if CTRL+SHIFT+left mbutton is pressed to extend the selection. The wrong behaviour exists both for local and remote file selections.

Example / how to reproduce:

  • Open a folder with 8 files of 1024 bytes each (just as an example).
  • Select the 1st file (left mouse button). The summary shows "1 file selected. Total size: 1.024 Bytes" [correct]
  • Select the 3rd file (CTRL + left m.button). The summary shows "2 file selected. Total size: 2.048 Bytes" [correct]
  • Extend the selection to include files 4+5, by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+l.m.button. There are 4 files selected. Summary shows "5 files selected. Total size: 5.120 Bytes" [WRONG !]

Example attached (see ..._ex1.png)

Additional info:
The problem always starts when you use CTRL+SHIFT+MOUSE. e.g. select single file 1, CTRL+SHIFT+click file 5 shows "6 files selected", although only 5 are selected. if I continue to CTRL+SHIFT+LMB click alternating on file 1 and file 5 there are still only 5 files selected, but status grows by +5 files (and their size) everytime I do this.

Example attached (see ..._ex2.png)

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