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APD is accredited by various associations etc...

APSE (Association of Public Service Excellence)
APSE is the UK's fastest growing and most progressive local government association. Its membership reflects a unique tripartite approach, with involvement from elected members, officers and trade unions. The Association has been at the forefront of assisting its members in the ongoing implementation and development of Best Value and the wider modernisation agenda. APD were the first Mobile Information company to receive this accreditation.

BAPCO (British Association of Police Chief Officers)
BAPCO's mission is to enhance public safety through the promotion of efficient and effective communications and information systems. BAPCO is unique in Europe as the only multi-discipline, multi-level Association for public safety communications and information systems managers, users, maintainers and providers. Through it's affiliation to the Associated Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) in the USA BAPCO members become an important part of a worldwide network of public safety communications and information technology professionals.

Mobile Computer Users Group
The Mobile Computer Users Group's aim is to drive mobile technology costs downwards towards commodity levels by fostering competition and encouraging a wider choice of suitable equipment for the mobile worker. The Group achieve these aims by providing a forum for users to share information and experiences and fostering research.

Motorola Applications Partner
Globally, Motorola's open and non-exclusive program works with and accredits selected technology developers. These are partners who have proven their ability, expertise and commitment to deliver performance applications for a wide range of vertical industry sectors. These partnerships enable us to provide a diverse range of high quality, integrated, customer focused solutions.

Nokia TETRA group - TWISP - a Worldwide Network of Solutions
The Nokia TETRA Wireless Solution Partner (TWISP) program helps third party application developers by providing them with detailed technical documentation about TETRA WAP, IP packet data and Application Programming Interfaces (API), such as the TETRA Connectivity Server (TCS). Information provided through TWISP covers Command and Control systems, WAP and messaging applications, location based systems, telemetry applications and tools for operators. End user organizations benefit from the TWISP program by getting the latest information about available solutions worldwide so they can select the best from among a range of proven, tested solutions.

Tetra MoU
The TETRA MoU's objective is to support and promote the TETRA standard world-wide and, to provide a forum to share and exchange information and ideas amongst a wide variety of individuals who share a common interest in the success of the standard.

UVDB (Utilities Vendors Database)
The Utilities Vendor Database is the supplier database used by the UK utility industry to source current and potential suppliers of products, services and works. The aim of the UVDB service is simple - to provide a single focus point for the collection and sharing of supplier pre-qualification information, reducing costs, time and administrative workload whilst increasing opportunities to both suppliers and utilities

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oad whilst increasing opportunities to both suppliers and utilities

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