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#11954 Improve web site security : confirm distant (or local) folder move by mouse 2 weeks ago Feature request new normal
#11955 For s3 connection, FZ ignores "host:" configuration box so impossible to connect to local s3 server ( 2 weeks ago Bug report new blocker
#11956 Can't open old 32bit client but need to import site details 10 days ago Bug report new normal
#11957 cannot copy file from pc to dvi even though it had been working before 9 days ago Bug report new normal
#11958 Download and add files to queue are greyed out 7 days ago Bug report closed normal
#11959 fzsftp.exe 0xc0000142 (Unable to start correctly) 4 days ago Bug report new normal
#11960 Slow enumeration of files on mapped network drive 3 days ago Bug report new normal
#11961 FTP over TLS 3 days ago Other new normal
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