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#4970 fixed site manager bookmarks cannot start synchronised browsing on connect wallfur

double-clicking on a bookmark icon in the site manager tree connects to that server and goes to the bookmarked section. it also used to initiate synchronised browsing if that bookmark was set to, now it doesn't.

my current version is 3.3.0

#4971 fixed Control-Tab between tabs doesn't loop back to the start after last tab Callan

When moving between tabs using Control-Tab on the keyboard, it will get to the last tab and end, as opposed to going back to the start like Firefox behaviour.

#4974 fixed Links in welcome dialog don't work Bernd Eggink

Clicking a link in the welcome dialog of FileZilla 3.3.0 doesn't work correctly under Linux. On my PC (Crux 2.6), Opera gets started, although the default browser is Firefox. On my laptop (same system), FileZilla tries to start wine, which of course doesn't work. An explicit browser setting in the preferences is missing.

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