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#2543 Add ability to use paswordless logins vladsharp

Example: You have a shell account on You have generated a set of keys (ssh-2 rsa for example) and uploaded the public key to and added it to the list of trusted keys so you will be able to login without a password. Private key caching facilities are already available on Windows and Linux, such as Pageant or the keychain tools.

PuTTy already implements this (to take an example). It would be nice if you could specify a public key.

Thanks. Vladimir

#5684 outdated Don't use external IP's for local connections Vladimir Naumoski

I think that here you should implement a way to manually enter which IP addresses should be considered as local connections. I have hosts from outside that are behind NAT and I am behind NAT too, so i will need to manually enter which IP's should be consider as local which should be consider as outside in order the passive mode to be correct for the external host and for the internal hosts. I have internal hosts that have IP's like 172.11 and etc that FileZilla interprets as external!???

I my case i have a 2 hosts that should be considered as external and only for them i will need the PASV mode - static IP to be set under: External server IP addresses for passive mode transfers: "Use the following IP (X.X.X.X)

I hope you understand my request.

#8731 rejected LIST or NLST commands behavior\reply if file not exists Vlad

Most FTP servers do not return an error for commands

LIST file.ext


NLST file.ext

if the file not exists. Reply of FileZilla server is:

200 Port command successful
550 Directory not found

Reply of SERV-U FTP server for example is:

200 PORT Command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
226 Transfer complete.

Is there a possibility to change the server's response and did not return an error? If you can not make changes to the future version, can you to recommend changes of code to implement this behavior?

Thank you

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