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#3351 some complexe file names are not understood by ver 3.x ali9999

previous versions (2.x of filezilla eg 2.2.32) perfectly understood file names like "Les carnets du bourlingueur - Mar 25-12-2007 20:05:03.vob" but current version 3.x (I use doesn't and the file is transferred as "05:03.vob"


#1442 soft links: display and actions are incorrect. terryrankine

on an ssh/sftp connection - simlinks are detected in the permissions tab as lrwxrwxrwx (which is good) but act as if they are a directory.

I understand that links are harder to deal with - but they are not directories (links link to anything) - so when you double click on them it shouldn't cd to them unless the target is a dir

Terry Rankine

#1532 socket.cpp and win2000 compatibility problem paolozambotti


I've seen the workaround you placed on top of socket.cpp ( MinGW needs this for getaddrinfo) in order to have filezilla compiling under mingw. Unfortunately this is only an half workaround, I mean, in this way the program compiles perfectly but it doesn't work under win2000; defining _WIN32_WINNT as 0x501 means WinXP. On win2000 WS2_32.dll doesn't include function getaddrinfo and freeaddrinfo so, when you try to run filezilla you only got en error window telling you that getaddrinfo is not available in WS2_32.dll. Here is a patch (based on rev. 2434) that adds an include file (wspiapi.h) that redefines the functions that are unavailable under win2000.

Cheers, Paolo.

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