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#4943 fixed Download of or deletion of folders not working Tom

Using 3.3.0-beta1, after using the program for a while to upload and download files and folders, when trying to delete a folder on the remote server, or download a folder, including the folder itself, from the remote server, FileZilla will just ignore the command.

Uploading local folders to remote server works fine. Renaming remote folders works fine. Dragging a remote folder into another remote folder is also fine. If I try to download the whole folder or delete the whole folder it will do nothing, not even attempt it, no errors.

I am using multiple tabs when this happens, I do not know if that has anything to do with it or not though. On initially starting the program, whether I have multiple tabs or not it works ok, then later on it will [seemingly randomly] stop working. Then the only way to download a folder is to create it on the local side manually, open it and download the files.

Note that if you select all files & folders in a folder and download, it will download the files and ignore the folders.

#4947 fixed FTP Upload stops (similar to #4936) Bruce Lang

Using Version

Uploading PDFs appears hit and miss - mostly "miss". Tried uploading singly or as a batch with variable results - mostly "Failed". They appear to get so far in the transfer and time out. They also come up with screwy transfer rates - a file of 237,334 bytes has a transfer rate of 237.3 Kb/s

Uploads via a web based FTP app are successful (so I don't think it's the files' contents).

Has only happened with installation of latest version of FileZilla - no problems previously.

#4948 fixed 2 tabs: 1 tab works, other won't upload Jim Michaels

this was using 3.3.0beta2.

  1. create 2 tabs with the same connection in each.
  2. go to 2nd tab and try to upload.

filezilla refuses to put anything in the queue.

fixed in 3.3.0rc1

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