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#654 sometimes can't get remote dir listing anonymous

Occasionaly filezilla can not retrieve remote directory listing after connecting. I really can't figure out what causes this. When I switch to WS-FTP I can get the listing fine, and often I can reboot (windows obviously) and filezilla will then be able to get the remote listing. This is frustating because I like the Filezilla GUI better than ws-ftp.

#1067 fixed something wrong with the Filezilla Server Setting outlk

In the miscellaneous options of filezilla server, the option " Allow downloading of files which are open for writing by another process" can not work correctly. After unchecking it, when i open it again the option is checked.

#644 some servers don't like multiple connections anonymous

filezilla attempts to use multiple connections to a server when uploading files, which is not allowed by some servers... some servers are even configured to temporarily ban ip address that attempt to establish multiple simultaneous connections...

note: i did read the rules...

Login to SourceForge

not possible, due to the fact that sourceforge will not let me register

If possible, attach a log file from FileZilla which

shows the problem. For client logs, both "Trace messages from the FTP engine" and "Show raw directory listing" should be enabled on the debug page in the settings dialog.

not possible, due to the fact that i'm on dialup and the connection times out when i try to attach the log file

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