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#5542 fixed sometimes refuses to update right side Jim Michaels

sometimes filezilla client gets stuck into a mode where it refuses to:

  • after changing the right side directory, update the right side
  • click refresh button, refresh the right side

and I don't know if there is any particular sequence that starts this. so my best guess would be to say start looking for logic bugs.

#654 sometimes can't get remote dir listing anonymous

Occasionaly filezilla can not retrieve remote directory listing after connecting. I really can't figure out what causes this. When I switch to WS-FTP I can get the listing fine, and often I can reboot (windows obviously) and filezilla will then be able to get the remote listing. This is frustating because I like the Filezilla GUI better than ws-ftp.

#1067 fixed something wrong with the Filezilla Server Setting outlk

In the miscellaneous options of filezilla server, the option " Allow downloading of files which are open for writing by another process" can not work correctly. After unchecking it, when i open it again the option is checked.

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