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#3567 On z/OS - unable to switch from HFS to MVS file listing w3wilkes

If z/OS server is set to default to HFS (Unix) the client is unable to switch to normal MVS file system. It appears that there is a mistake with the FileZilla directory information. If a user is in HFS the CWD prefixes with a "/". To go to native MVS file system the client should drop the "/" prefix. Here's some info from the log;

Command: CWD /'tsospw3.' Trace: CFtpControlSocket::OnReceive() Response: 550 CWD cmd failed : EDC5129I No such file or directory. (errno2=0x05190050)

What I entered in the "Remote site:" box was;


If I "Enter custom command" here's the log;

Command: cwd 'tsospw3.' Trace: CFtpControlSocket::OnReceive() Response: 250 "TSOSPW3." is the working directory name prefix.

However, even though I can do the custom command the GUI interface stuff still insists on using the "/" prefix. It seems that if a user enters something in the "Remote site:" box that is a single quoted (') string the Filezilla client should NOT attempt to prefix the string with the front slash (/).

#3201 RC2 connect with SSH problems vytautas


After updating to RC2 of FileZilla 3 Client it will no longer connect when using SSH authentication. Connecting with the same key from the same computer with FileZilla 2 works OK, as did the previous release of FileZilla 3

Here is the connection log:

Status: Connecting to Response: fzSftp started Trace: CSftpControlSocket::ConnectParseResponse(fzSftp started) Command: open "ftpweb@…" 22 Trace: Looking up host "" Trace: Connecting to port 22 Trace: Server version: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.5 Trace: Using SSH protocol version 2 Trace: We claim version: SSH-2.0-PuTTY_Local:_Aug_26_2007_22:50:51 Trace: Doing Diffie-Hellman group exchange Trace: Doing Diffie-Hellman key exchange with hash SHA-256 Trace: Host key fingerprint is: Trace: ssh-rsa 1024 65:16:d9:bc:18:86:c6:10:db:7b:68:27:cc:fe:a5:e2 Trace: Initialised AES-256 SDCTR client->server encryption Trace: Initialised HMAC-SHA1 client->server MAC algorithm Trace: Initialised AES-256 SDCTR server->client encryption Trace: Initialised HMAC-SHA1 server->client MAC algorithm Trace: Reading private key file "C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\Keys\Linux-Server-FC4.ppk" Trace: Pageant is running. Requesting keys. Trace: Pageant has 1 SSH-2 keys Trace: Configured key file not in Pageant Trace: Offered public key Trace: Server refused public key Trace: Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available Error: Disconnected: No supported authentication methods available Trace: CSftpControlSocket::ResetOperation(66) Trace: CControlSocket::ResetOperation(66) Error: Could not connect to server Status: Waiting to retry...

#7442 fixed Error reading attributes of filezilla.xml PM Peter Miller

Starting filezilla.exe either directly or with shortcut generates this error message:

Users\PM\AppData\Roaming\FileZilla\filezilla.xml Error reading Attributes For this session the default settings will be used. Any changes to the settings will not be saved.

As a result, the settings are dropped, and any settings entered cannot be saved. This bug appeared suddenly, without any cause that I can identify. It could not be corrected by uninstalling and re-installing, and it could not be corrected by downloading a new setup file and re-installing that. I will answer any questions that would help de-bug this. Thanks for helping.

Following is a copy of the filezilla.xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?> <FileZilla3>


<Setting name="Use Pasv mode" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Limit local ports" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Limit ports low" type="number">6000</Setting> <Setting name="Limit ports high" type="number">7000</Setting> <Setting name="External IP mode" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="External IP" type="string" /> <Setting name="External address resolver" type="string"></Setting> <Setting name="Last resolved IP" type="string" /> <Setting name="No external ip on local conn" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Pasv reply fallback mode" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Timeout" type="number">20</Setting> <Setting name="Logging Debug Level" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Logging Raw Listing" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="fzsftp executable" type="string">&quot;C:\Program Files (x86)\FileZilla FTP Client\fzsftp.exe&quot;</Setting> <Setting name="Allow transfermode fallback" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Reconnect count" type="number">2</Setting> <Setting name="Reconnect delay" type="number">5</Setting> <Setting name="Speedlimit inbound" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Speedlimit outbound" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Speedlimit burst tolerance" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="View hidden files" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Preserve timestamps" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Socket recv buffer size (v2)" type="number">4194304</Setting> <Setting name="Socket send buffer size (v2)" type="number">262144</Setting> <Setting name="FTP Keep-alive commands" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="FTP Proxy type" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="FTP Proxy host" type="string" /> <Setting name="FTP Proxy user" type="string" /> <Setting name="FTP Proxy password" type="string" /> <Setting name="FTP Proxy login sequence" type="string" /> <Setting name="SFTP keyfiles" type="string" /> <Setting name="Proxy type" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Proxy host" type="string" /> <Setting name="Proxy port" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Proxy user" type="string" /> <Setting name="Proxy password" type="string" /> <Setting name="Logging file" type="string" /> <Setting name="Logging filesize limit" type="number">10</Setting> <Setting name="Trusted root certificate" type="string" /> <Setting name="Number of Transfers" type="number">2</Setting> <Setting name="Ascii Binary mode" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Auto Ascii files" type="string">am|asp|bat|c|cfm|cgi|conf|cpp|css|dhtml|diz|h|hpp|htm|html|in|inc|js|jsp|m4|mak|md5|nfo|nsi|pas|patch|php|phtml|pl|po|py|qmail|sh|shtml|sql|svg|tcl|tpl|txt|vbs|xhtml|xml|xrc</Setting> <Setting name="Auto Ascii no extension" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Auto Ascii dotfiles" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Theme" type="string">opencrystal/</Setting> <Setting name="Language Code" type="string">en</Setting> <Setting name="Last Server Path" type="string">1 0 3 usr 3 www 5 users 8 kamprint 5 video</Setting> <Setting name="Concurrent download limit" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Concurrent upload limit" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Update Check" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Update Check Interval" type="number">7</Setting> <Setting name="Last automatic update check" type="string">2011-07-19 17:47:12</Setting> <Setting name="Update Check New Version" type="string" /> <Setting name="Update Check Check Beta" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Show debug menu" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="File exists action download" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="File exists action upload" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Allow ascii resume" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Greeting version" type="string">3.5.0</Setting> <Setting name="Onetime Dialogs" type="string" /> <Setting name="Show Tree Local" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Show Tree Remote" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="File Pane Layout" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="File Pane Swap" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Last local directory" type="string">C:\Website\_we_info5\video\</Setting> <Setting name="Filelist directory sort" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Queue successful autoclear" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Queue column widths" type="string">180 60 180 80 60 150</Setting> <Setting name="Local filelist colwidths" type="string">120 80 100 120</Setting> <Setting name="Remote filelist colwidths" type="string">162 75 80 100 80 80</Setting> <Setting name="Window position and size" type="string">0 263 30 884 602 </Setting> <Setting name="Splitter positions (v2)" type="string">97 -131 500000000 135 135 500000000</Setting> <Setting name="Local filelist sortorder" type="string">1 3</Setting> <Setting name="Remote filelist sortorder" type="string">1 3</Setting> <Setting name="Time Format" type="string">1</Setting> <Setting name="Date Format" type="string">1</Setting> <Setting name="Show message log" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Show queue" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Size format" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Size thousands separator" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Default editor" type="string">0</Setting> <Setting name="Always use default editor" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Inherit system associations" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Custom file associations" type="string">&#x0A;jpg &quot;C:\Program Files\FullScreen Photo Viewer\FullScreen Photo Viewer.exe&quot;</Setting> <Setting name="Comparison mode" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Comparison threshold" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Site Manager position" type="string" /> <Setting name="Theme icon size" type="string">16x16</Setting> <Setting name="Timestamp in message log" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Sitemanager last selected" type="string" /> <Setting name="Local filelist shown columns" type="string">1111</Setting> <Setting name="Remote filelist shown columns" type="string">110111</Setting> <Setting name="Local filelist column order" type="string">0,2,3,1</Setting> <Setting name="Remote filelist column order" type="string">0,2,3,1,4,5</Setting> <Setting name="Filelist status bar" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Filter toggle state" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Size decimal places" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Show quickconnect bar" type="number">1</Setting> <Setting name="Messagelog position" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Last connected site" type="string" /> <Setting name="File doubleclock action" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Dir doubleclock action" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Minimize to tray" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Search column widths" type="string" /> <Setting name="Search column shown" type="string" /> <Setting name="Search column order" type="string" /> <Setting name="Search window size" type="string" /> <Setting name="Comparison hide identical" type="number">0</Setting> <Setting name="Search sort order" type="string"

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