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#12354 fixed SFTP not working janousek.mi

When I try to connect to any SFTP server I get an error "fzsftp could not be started". Interestingly if I switch to Czech language I get an "fzputtygen could not be started" error (of course translated). It happens since 3.52.0 version. Version 3.51.0 works. My guess would be that the double slash in path to fzsftp is causing the problem

#12351 worksforme S3 on Pro: Allow entry of bucket name Hilton Goldstein

Without entering a bucket name, the Client must do a ListBuckets but that might not be permitted. Also, I might only care about one bucket. I consider this a bug since it prevents me connecting to a bucket without ListBuckets permission.

#12350 rejected Debug level selector in Settings is broken php4fan

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Edit / Settings
  2. Go to Debug
  3. Change the value of "Debug Information in message log" to something other than "warning": e.g., "Debug"
  4. Save and exit Settings
  5. OPTIONALLY restart FileZilla (will reproduce either way)
  6. Go to Settings again and again to Debug

Expected: the selector for "Debug Information in message log" should show the current level. Saving without touching it should not change the setting

Observed: regardless of what the current level is (that is, if you followed the steps above, regardless of the level you configured at step 3), the selector shows "1. Warning". If you now save the settings without having touched the debug level setting, it will be actually changed to Warning.

This is broken in two ways: 1) it doesn't show the actual current level; 2) it causes you to unintentionally change a setting without having touched it (by only changing other unrelated settings and saving) if you don't notice.

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