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#1500 sometimes, FZ don't ask for overwrite, just resume it tommywu

I'm not sure this is a bug in original FZ or not, because I didn't meet this problem when I use the build download from sourceforge site. But in my personal build, I've this problem sometimes.

Sometimes, when I add a file for transfer from local to remote site, if there is a file with same filename exists, FZ will won't ask me to overwrite it or resume it (My setting is Ask in option).

I trace this problem for a long time, finally, I found, sometimes, in CQueueCtrl::SetProgress(), it will set bTransferStarted to true if pTransferStatus->bFileTransfer is true. then, bTriedAutoResume will be true, then the file will be resume.

If this happen when we've file already in queue, need to transfer, yes, no problem. But, if it happen, set bTransferStarted to true, but there is no file in transfer state, that will cause the problem I meet.

After trace the code, I found bFileTransfer flag will set to true in CTransferSocket::UpdateStatusBar() if m_nTransferState is STATE_STARTED. then FZ will set bFileTransfer to true always.

But, there are some code will call UpdateStatusBar(), this problem will happen if CTransferSocket::CheckForTimeout(), if we just set m_nTransferState to STATE_STARTED, then FZ will post a message, then start to transfer it, during the time,from the time we set it to STATE_STARTED to the time the file start transfer, if we call CTransferSocket::CheckForTimeout() again, then bFileTransfer will set to true before we really start the transfer. so this file will be consider already in transfer state, it should be auto resume, not ask us to choose the action.

My patch will fix this problem, just change the code in

CTransferSocket::UpdateStatusBar(), only change

bFileTransfer to true if the is really in transfer state.

#5542 fixed sometimes refuses to update right side Jim Michaels

sometimes filezilla client gets stuck into a mode where it refuses to:

  • after changing the right side directory, update the right side
  • click refresh button, refresh the right side

and I don't know if there is any particular sequence that starts this. so my best guess would be to say start looking for logic bugs.

#654 sometimes can't get remote dir listing anonymous

Occasionaly filezilla can not retrieve remote directory listing after connecting. I really can't figure out what causes this. When I switch to WS-FTP I can get the listing fine, and often I can reboot (windows obviously) and filezilla will then be able to get the remote listing. This is frustating because I like the Filezilla GUI better than ws-ftp.

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