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#2011 Allow a specific range of ports to use for PASV connection Alexander Schuch rickst29

It seems that I must currently set my firewall to allow outgoing connections on ANY port > 1024. Could we please allow the user to specify a limited range of ports for Filezilla Client to use, allowing the firewall to be configured more tightly? Maybe the GUI could be integrated with Feature Request 875817, also related to PASV connections. And, my thanks for this great software!

#2019 more than 999 sec. for timeout Alexander Schuch pbru

I have to go thru a firewall with anti-virus that send no data until the download is complete and the file is analyzed, and then, send the whole file at once.

for large files, even on fast remote servers, the download can take more than 999 seconds.

is it possible to allow larger timeout ?

TIA, Pierre.

#2029 Choosing default action for double-click: edit OR transfer Alexander Schuch perlyking

One feature I miss from WSFTP was the ability to choose the default action for a double-click on a file. You could choose between transfering the file (as is currently implemented in FileZilla), or simply opening it for viewing editing. I check my log files every morning, and often just want to see a file's contents rather than download it, so for me, view, not transfer, is the preferred default double-click action. I also thing that transfer is the more "dangerous" action, so having it as non-default means I have to think for a fraction of a second more before I up/download a file.

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