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#4339 fixed sorting for last modified does not work properly

If i sort the files and folders on the last modified column i get a random sorted list. version: 3.2.3-rc1

#4613 duplicate sort column movieguy73

you cant sort the column heading for the files your downloading.

#31 sort by date error starless

If you sort the remote file list by date ascending (i.e., the most recent file is at the top - two clicks on the "Date" column header), and you have various files with the same date, but different timestamps, then the sort order is wrong: the files created later in that same day are placed down, while they should be at the top of the list! I rephrase: in the situation I described, the days are sorted fine, but the times are inverted. I hope you got the point.

The problem does not occur in the local file list, neither does when the lists are sorted with the most recent file at the bottom.

PS: I'm amazed by your fast response to my feature requests... Great!

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