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#1625 sound on login anonymous

I know its only a small nitpicking thing, but a sound on successful login would be a godsend. For when you are trying to login to a busy server and want to know when you finally do.

#2652 sound effects salliac

Hi there,

I don't think anyone has asked for this, but I would find it useful and I'm sure other people would too....

Quite often I need to upload a large number of files, I usually set this going and then carry on with something else. It would be really useful if FileZilla would give a little beep or chime just to let me know that the files had finished uploading.

Another thing that would be useful is if you could set it to 'overwrite all' just for that particular transfer but to leave the default to 'ask'.

#3889 rejected sound crackling and popping during downloads cbodner

Filezilla v

When playing music, e.g., a FLAC file under Winamp, there is a terrible crackling and popping whenever I start downloading a file in Filezilla version This error is reproduceable, my sound card is a M-Audio Audiophile 2496. My system has never had such audio issues before.

I think it is good to have fast ftp-downloading, but sound quality should always have the highest priority. Maybe you need to code some yield() invocations in some low level functions or to lower the priority of network access.

Kind regards,


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