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#3881 fixed Crashes with SIGPIPE during uploads on non-Windows systems Tim Kosse Wajih Ahmed

I have been trying to upload a 1.2GB file with FileZilla via the queue. Not once has it uploaded fully but that could be due to networking issues. However FileZilla crashes if there is an error in the upload process.

Also on smaller files the upload sometimes does complete but the file is corrupted i.e. the byte sizes mismatch.

This happens on both the latest stable release and the release candidate 3.1.4-rc1.

How can i help to further troubleshoot as i am not sure if there is any trace/log left.

#11243 rejected Settings > DateTime Format > Time Formatting > Custom - %P tag Does Not Work Wade Shuler

According to your wiki,, the %P is supposed to be am or pm lowercase.

This does not work. It returns only P instead. Not even A for am, just P for everything. Like it stripped off the percent sign and didn't parse the tag at all.

I can confirm that %p works, which is capital AM and PM. Unfortunately, I think the time looks better with lowercase am and pm.

#3085 Crash connecting to FileZilla Server in VMware Alexander Schuch wadebrainerd

I wanted to use FileZilla Client & Server to transfer files between my VMware Workstation host and virtual machine, since VMware's own file sharing is horribly slow!

I first tried the FileZilla 3 beta, and it crashed connecting to the server.

Here are the steps I took:

1) Install VMware on host machine.

  • Download VMware workstation 30 day trial.
  • Create a new Windows XP VM (I used 1GB RAM of my 2GB).
  • Use NAT (not bridging) for the network, inside the Virtual Machine Network properties in VMware.
  • Install Windows XP.
  • Install FileZilla 3.0 beta client in virtual machine.

2) Install FileZilla Server on host machine.

  • Add one user, with a password.

4) Connect to the server from inside the VM.

  • Run ipconfig /all to get the host's IP address.
  • Open FileZilla 3.0 beta.
  • Create a new server in the connections list, specify the username and password.
  • Click Connect in the connections list dialog, FileZilla crashed.

Hope this helps!

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