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#1969 Unix / Windows Line Endings Choice Alexander Schuch anonymous

Is it possible to have as options on Upload and (seperately) Download of an ASCII text file (eg .html) the Choice* between using

(a) Unix Line endings LF or (b) Windows Line Endings CR LF

Using FileZilla 2.2.1b on a Windows Me PC client, it appears FileZilla uses exclusively LF for upload (strips CR) and download. The Server (unix or windows) ought not care which line endings are used; browsers know CR, CR LF, and LF are equivalent for rendering purposes - the advantage to using the same line endings on both client and server is (1)At a glance comparision between ASCII file byte counts on upload or download - good confidence test etc and (2)Windows needs the CR for editing purposes if you download a text file - (unless one wants to look at the "black square" phenonmenon in Notepad etc.)

Thank you

  • Actually there are 3 possibilities - the last being the

Mac CR

Binary mode automatically preserves byte count

#1976 HTTP proxy with FTP support Alexander Schuch kyt

There is only one client that supports HTTP proxy with FTP support - Total Commander. I hope that FileZilla will be the next :)

#1983 Connection settings stored in file Alexander Schuch anonymous


The only thing I have found missing in FileZilla is a way to save the connection settings to a file.

I have lots of connections, and it would be great if these could be exported. That way I could quickly give these to another person, or back them up and restore them easily.

There already is a way to export interface settings to an XML file, but not the connections.

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