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#1965 "Add site to shell integration" option Alexander Schuch anonymous

As present in "CuteFTP", it would be so great to have the option "Add site to shell integration", in the site manager window. Then, it would be possible to directly upload files from windows explorer, when invoking a right-click on the file you want to upload. Bravo bravo for such a software!

#1969 Unix / Windows Line Endings Choice Alexander Schuch anonymous

Is it possible to have as options on Upload and (seperately) Download of an ASCII text file (eg .html) the Choice* between using

(a) Unix Line endings LF or (b) Windows Line Endings CR LF

Using FileZilla 2.2.1b on a Windows Me PC client, it appears FileZilla uses exclusively LF for upload (strips CR) and download. The Server (unix or windows) ought not care which line endings are used; browsers know CR, CR LF, and LF are equivalent for rendering purposes - the advantage to using the same line endings on both client and server is (1)At a glance comparision between ASCII file byte counts on upload or download - good confidence test etc and (2)Windows needs the CR for editing purposes if you download a text file - (unless one wants to look at the "black square" phenonmenon in Notepad etc.)

Thank you

  • Actually there are 3 possibilities - the last being the

Mac CR

Binary mode automatically preserves byte count

#1976 HTTP proxy with FTP support Alexander Schuch kyt

There is only one client that supports HTTP proxy with FTP support - Total Commander. I hope that FileZilla will be the next :)

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