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#9897 rejected Cannot change password - due to email Warren

Hello, we have had our site hacked via Filezilla, someone has changed our email so we cannot change the password.

Your change of password system advises email addresses not recognised.

Our Host: user warren email should be warren.hall@…

We need to stop access to our site.

#1236 Filezilla won't accept my password warnold

I have control characters in my password. Filezilla won't let me enter them. (It just 'thunks at me when I try.)

It should at least allow any control characters that don't do anything else.

-- -billy-

#10823 rejected FTP Status Window over writing Menu Bar wangevin

Running on:

  • Fully patched windows 7
  • Browser: Chrome Version 50.0.2661.75 m (64-bit)
  • FileZilla:3.17.0

On long FTP's with large number of files, the top window where the status of the FTP is provided will scroll over the Windows Menu bar. This happens if the window is left open for a long time and no other windows are brought over the FileZilla window.

To correct, minimize then maximize the FileZilla window and the menu bar is re-displayed with the FTP File status scrolling only to the size of the area it should.

To be clear:

  • The Bar that shows the Host, Username, Passcode, Quickconnect prompts gets overwritten
  • The Bar with the Action Icons above the previous bar gets overwritten
  • The File, Edit, ... text bar does not get over written
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