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#25 Transmission stalls in the middle Tim Kosse anonymous

I posted in the forum but seems no replies.

It happened when I was downloading a one-level dir with some (about 40) pictures. The transmission simply stalled in the middle of a file. More accurately, the stalled files are put to the end of the queue with "too many retries". The error message in message log window is "timeout". I repeated this operation several times. Sometimes it is OK while sometimes it stalled again.

I am running it on a Win2000 professional. Installed without admin previledge. The server is Serv-U ftpd 3.0 with no timeout settings.


#26 File - reconnect anonymous

I think it could be a bug : I use filezilla 1.5a to upload something on an ftp, using quick connection (i write address ,user , password). I finish to use filezilla and i kill the program. When i run filezilla again and i go to

file - reconnect

filezilla reconnects to my ftp server even if the addres, user and password are blank. If i have used filezilla in an internet-point or in an other pubblic acces everyone could connect to my ftp and delete or upload anything.

#27 Folder Upload Bug Tim Kosse gboyd

Hi Folks,

I'm using FileZilla 1.6, Windows ME uploading to redhat linux box running wu-ftpd-2.6.0

Consider the following file structure:






Folder has no files in it so FileZilla skips it when uploading. This then causes the upload of files in the sub dirs to fail.

(Any chance of a linux version?) Keep up the good work!


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