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#7795 fixed wrong server save for files in queue.sqlite3 Tommy Wu

In 3.5.1 (I don't test the old version).

step 1: launch filezilla, connect to server A, add file A1 to queue. step 2: connect to server B, add file B1 to queue. step 3: quit filezilla, use tool to view the data in queue.sqlite3, there's 2 records in servers table (A and B), but in the files table, both 2 records' server field is A (should be one for A and one for B)

#10897 fixed wrong remote directory shows on first pass joetate

When first opening FZ client, or after disconnecting from a server, when opening a site with a bookmark, the root directory ("\") shows in the remote site window instead of the correct directory. If you use same bookmark again, it goes to the correct directory ("\exampledirectory"). Subsequent bookmark clicks to different directories on the site then work fine. If you close re-open FZ, or disconnect from site, it will first open the root directory again. This is for all directories. Only started on upgrade to 3.19.0. It worked fine till 3.18.0. No other changes.

#3059 wrong progress for sftp Tim Kosse tommywu

in Beta2's note: Upload progress for SFTP transfers did advance too fast

This problem still in beta2. the porgress too fast for upload and download.

for a 1.4MB compressed file (.7z), upload: show 100%, but in remote site, still at 800K. download: show 100%, but still downloading... in transferred byte up to 2.xMB. (but the file is only 1.4MB after finished)

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