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#3666 wrong uploading Alexander Schuch orizens

trying to upload swf files: files don't upload with the right size and fail to work when accessing with a browser. build:

#8354 rejected wrong size of the dowloaded file Sorin Aradean

Hello, I need your kind support in the following matter: I have downloaded from an ftp site a suite of 6 files that all together are forming a DCP cinema trailer. Download went well, no errors. However, at the cinema while trying to ingest the suite, the server reported some errors in terms of different file sizes than expected. Checking again with FileZilla and downloading again I've noticed the resulted files have in deed different sizes than their sources on the ftp. I have then accessed the same ftp with the browser (Mozilla) and downloaded in that way. All ok with these files.

Question: why is this happening ? What can be done to solve this ? It didn't happened with the big files (1GB) but with small (9KB), control files which are however essential to play correctly the trailer. If needed I can send you both wrong and correct files.

thank you in advance Sorin

#7795 fixed wrong server save for files in queue.sqlite3 Tommy Wu

In 3.5.1 (I don't test the old version).

step 1: launch filezilla, connect to server A, add file A1 to queue. step 2: connect to server B, add file B1 to queue. step 3: quit filezilla, use tool to view the data in queue.sqlite3, there's 2 records in servers table (A and B), but in the files table, both 2 records' server field is A (should be one for A and one for B)

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