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#69 Date/Time Sort Problem w/Remote FileList anonymous

First, let me just say that I absolutely love your program. I've used WSFTP, Laplink FTP, SmartFTP, FTP Explorer, and others that I can't remember the names of, but yours has the most useful features anyone could hope for.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with date and time sorting in the remote connection window. When you choose to sort the file list in reverse chronological order by date, the time column is in ascending order. For example:

I want to see the remote list of files from most recent to oldest. When I sort in reverse order by date, I expect to see the files listed most recent to oldest. Although the reverse order indeed works in the date column, the time column remains from oldest to newest, so the files don't end up being listed most recent to oldest. I tried sorting instead by the time column, but that doesn't help either. If I sort most recent to oldest time, the date shows oldest to newest. As you can see, this makes it tough to see which files might be needed to be updated onto my remote location, you know what I mean?

Is there anything I can do, or is there a patch that addresses this?

#70 Queue Crash anonymous

If you mistakenly try to upload after a server timeout, the process is added to the queue but cannot be processed on reconnection, causing a block in the ability to transfer, the only way to fix is to exit and re-oprn then you are allowed to remove the process from the queue.

P.S. This is a very functional program. :-)

#71 Server misreading registry domain users steveglassman

The 0.3 Beta version of the FileZilla FTP server correctly adds domain users (users whose name is of the form domainname\username) to the NT registry. It does this by making the username a subkey of the domainname key. When reading this information back, however, the code only reads the domainname and interprets this as the full username.

I have fixed this (open source is wonderful) via the attached modifications to UsersDLG.h & cpp:

Thanks for the great server.

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