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#12821 worksforme Error loading queue message wattworks

At the start and close of FileZilla I receive a dialogue box (attactehd) that displays an error loading queue.

I always keep the most up to date version of FileZilla running, and this pop-up is a real pain in the ass.

Nothing serious, but would be great if you caould have a look.

#12819 rejected Filezilla crashes with all the display server if started on a different workspace digitalone

Hello everyone. No issues with filezilla regularly but whenever I start it in a different workspace on Gnome it crashes along with the display server. I'm forced to restart the user session because of this.

When I start it in the current workspace and the I move it on another one, there's nothing wrong. But the issue is always reproducible when I start in on a workspace different than the current one.

It's happening in Wayland, don't know if it's reproducible in X11. Anyway, to reproduce on Wayland go on the activity view (I have Filezilla on the dock), drag Filezilla from the dock to a different workspace (i.e. I'm on ws2 and I drag it on ws3): everything crashes.

This kind of issue only happens with Filezilla, I usually start other applications dragging them on different workspaces. Since it's happening only with Filezilla, I think it's something wrong with Filezilla rather than Gnome itself.

#12814 worksforme FZ Server 1.5.1 Directory Listing fails Dieter

A client app submits "LIST SESS*.REQ". FZ 1.5.1 answers: "550 Couldn't open the file or directory". (there was a file SESS0099.REQ in the user's home-dir (Native path)).

I tried to track the problem down using Sysinternals Procmon and compared it to FZ obviously Fz executes the "LIST SESS*.REQ" differently to FZ 1.5.1. (see attached files)

Attached files should clarify the issue.

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