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#1856 Split FileZilla.xml in FTP Sites.xml+FileZilla settings.xml Alexander Schuch kraades

FileZilla settings.xml and FTP Sites.xml can be imported/exported separately but are merged into one file FileZilla.xml that is stored in the FileZilla program folder.

Because of feature request ID 777731 (see func=detail&aid=777731&group_id=21558&atid=372244) it would be better if the FileZilla.xml is split into two separate files FTP Sites.xml for the site info and FileZilla settings.xml for the settings.

The site info can then be stored in a central location and each user can have there own settings stored locally.

Now I think of it. It would be great if a user can have a local copy of their "private" site info stored locally and "public" site info stored central.

#1859 Show Number of Files in Queue Alexander Schuch blujay

This is a very simple request: Please, please, put the total number of files in the queue in the status bar next to the number of bytes in the queue. :)

#1866 Tooltips Alexander Schuch jkane001

It was suggested that I take these suggestions which I wrote out in the public forums, and put them up individually in the Tracker. So, here I go - 9 feature requests, all individually posted.

#2 - Tooltips, rather than just status bar text for buttons. Either that, or more descriptive buttons (like the "selective text" mode on manywindows apps nowadays.)

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