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#1843 Per-site firewall (SOCKS) settings Alexander Schuch zilch_zero

A single proxy/SOCKS setting is fine for if I am using it to connect to servers on the Internet, but not so for use inside complex network environments.

Per site proxy settings are essential for use in any larger corporation, or supporting multi-client environments. For example, I work for an outsourcing company and to connect to client A, I need to use SOCKS server a, and to connect to client B, I need to use SOCKS server b, and so on, as we have a SOCKS server that acts as a gateway to every client network. In order to use FileZilla for this, every time I connect to a different site I have to go to the settings and manually change the firewall options.

Note: This would be consistent with how products such as PuTTY work. Currently I connect to the same servers via SSH using PuTTY, and for each connection I define in PuTTY, I can set the SOCKS server (and SOCKS userid/password).

In summary - please consider adding this, as the client is great other than this issue. (I read that the site manager was getting a make-over at some stage so maybe this could be part of that?)


#1850 Configurable location of FileZilla.xml Alexander Schuch kraades

If you use FileZilla.xml instead of the registry to store site information the location of the file FileZilla.xml is fixed in the install dir of FileZilla.

It would be nice to be able to specify a location yourself.

In that way we could use a central FileZilla.xml file for all FileZilla users. So we can all use the same settings...



#1856 Split FileZilla.xml in FTP Sites.xml+FileZilla settings.xml Alexander Schuch kraades

FileZilla settings.xml and FTP Sites.xml can be imported/exported separately but are merged into one file FileZilla.xml that is stored in the FileZilla program folder.

Because of feature request ID 777731 (see func=detail&aid=777731&group_id=21558&atid=372244) it would be better if the FileZilla.xml is split into two separate files FTP Sites.xml for the site info and FileZilla settings.xml for the settings.

The site info can then be stored in a central location and each user can have there own settings stored locally.

Now I think of it. It would be great if a user can have a local copy of their "private" site info stored locally and "public" site info stored central.

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