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#11795 invalid Filezilla tries to upload local files without being told to do so Emiliano Martinez

If I edit a local file selecting it from "Local site" pane, when I save the local file, Filezilla shows an alert box with the message "A file previously opened has been changed" and tries to upload it to the remote server.

I have tried to close Filezilla and open it again but the problem continues.

I have used phpDesigner 8.2 and Sublime Text 3.1.1 to edit the file and the result is the same.

#11794 wontfix First site tab not shown Peter de Jong

Often I have many FTP sites open, so I got into the habit of looking at the tab title to see which site I am on.

However, when only one site is open there is no tab, no title, and no clue which site is open.

I know, I should be looking at the program's title bar, but I'm not used to that, looking at the tab seems 'easier' because it is closer to the files I'm working with.

So my feature request is: Can there be a single tab when only one site is open?

Take a look at the tabs in Firefox and Chrome. These programs also show a single tab when only one site is open. It seems the logical thing to do.

#11792 rejected Plain text file corruption oweux

Downloading a WP installation from a plesk server using no encryption (insecure) resulted in several of its core and plugin files downloaded with what I assume is some sort of binary/invalid data in them along plain text. Samples of the affected files include .CSS and .PHP files.

Attempting to copy the contents (copy-paste) results in truncated data up to the point of corruption.

There were no errors or warnings displayed on the log area during download.

Damage occurred during download and corrupted data was uploaded 'successfully' in that is seems to match the corrupted data.

A second attempt to download the same WP installation resulted in errors on the same files but damaged data occurred at different locations.

The sample files:

/blog/wp-content/plugins/amazon-s3-and-cloudfront/vendor/Aws3/aws-autoloader.php /blog/wp-includes/css/dashicons.css

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