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#12466 duplicate Filezilla Client Crashes christian.l

When it crashes it does it unceremoniously, no crash dump nothing on the screen. Just boom - gone.

Happens when transferring files to OneDrive.

#12461 fixed Unable to load Putty PPK Private key for SFTP connection while same works on CyberDuck Selva

The newly generated RSA 2048 key on Putty in Windows, and Mac is not loading on CyberDuck.


  1. Generate a private key using PUTTY
  2. Open FileZilla
  3. Site Manager > New Site
  4. Select Logon type as 'Key file'
  5. select the attached PPK file from the ticket.

FileZilla will not accept the key nor display an error message. The same key works fine with

#12460 fixed File sorting preference (case sentisive vs case insensitive) is reversed php4fan

Under Edit -> Settings -> Interface -> File lists

there's a setting called "Name sorting mode".

It has several possible values, among which:

  • case sensitive
  • case insensitive

These are reversed, meaning that if you select one the other will be used and viceversa.

Consider a directory listing with these filenames:

ax, Ay, bx, By.

"Case sensitive" mode will sort them as: ax Ay bx By

"Case insensitive" mode will sort them as: Ay By ax bx

It should obvioulsy be the other way round.

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