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#1683 Data channel not encrypted option? Alexander Schuch anonymous

I've been trying to get filezilla to work with a ftp server that has the control connection encrypted but not the data connection, I was not able to get it to work, as filezilla requires the data connection to be encrypted.

The kind of setup I was testing is found on some servers and also if you want to encrypt the control connection of a non secure server using a ssl wrapper.

I think that making filezilla automatically detect if the data connection is crypted or not and have the user aprove non encrypted connections would be good, another alternative could be to have an option to assume that the data connections of a server are not encrypted and when this option is on, unencrypted data is allowed.

Hope you like the idea and implement it and keep on making your program the best windows ftp client ;-)

BTW: what about a Linux port?


#1685 Separated site list file Alexander Schuch anonymous

Can we have the site list in a separted file that its path can be specified in the settings? because I use Ghost to make image of my system partition and would like to keep the site list after system recovery.

BTW, you have done a wonderful job, thanks.

#1691 SCP support Alexander Schuch venndigram

I hope my request is self-contained : make FileZilla support the SCP protocol; even through putty.

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