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#4662 fixed Failure on updating FileZilla prinnc

I am currently on when I try to run the update to get to I get an error message about "timer creation failed" and it exits the update. How do I resolve this?

#4681 fixed File list incorrect Marc Neiger

I have a problem with filezilla since 3.2.6 the filename presented in the dir window are missing a part

herebelow is the raw debug filelist

server is 220 zFTPServer v4.0, build 2009-03-06 12:48, but I don't believe this is relevant as the transferred filelist seems ok.

Status:	Retrieving directory listing...
Command:	PASV
Response:	227 Entering Passive Mode (82,234,69,133,8,42).
Command:	MLSD
Response:	150 File status okay; about to open data connection.
Response:	226 Closing data connection.
Listing:	size=0;type=cdir;modify=20090722152124; .
Listing:	size=0;type=pdir;modify=20090722152124; ..
Listing:	size=1089207168;type=file;modify=20090426141232; adsl TV 2009-04-22 23-55-05 Jazz Icons   Lionel Hampton Live in 1958 [Mezzo].avi
Listing:	size=1734940082;type=file;modify=20090423011514; adsl TV 2009-04-22 23-55-05 Jazz Icons   Lionel Hampton Live in 1958 [Mezzo].mpg
Listing:	size=1090546488;type=file;modify=20090426154910; adsl TV 2009-04-24 23-55-15 Oscar peterson   Studio Work [Mezzo].avi
Listing:	size=1734079107;type=file;modify=20090425011506; adsl TV 2009-04-24 23-55-15 Oscar peterson   Studio Work [Mezzo].mpg
Listing:	size=1728794195;type=file;modify=20090425031514; adsl TV 2009-04-25 01-55-13 Jazz à Vienne 2008   John Mc Laughlin and the 4th dimension [Mezzo].mpg
Listing:	size=1365852470;type=file;modify=20090720092518; adsl TV 2009-07-20 08-25-10 C est pas sorcier S [France 3].mpg
Listing:	size=1373505504;type=file;modify=20090721092530; adsl TV 2009-07-21 08-25-18 C est pas sorcier S [France 3].mpg
Listing:	size=1365694195;type=file;modify=20090722092510; adsl TV 2009-07-22 08-25-10 C est pas sorcier S [France 3].mpg
Listing:	size=0;type=dir;modify=20090207191108; agk_tmp
Listing:	size=1282;type=file;modify=20081231192134; free16-9.xml
Listing:	size=1231;type=file;modify=20081231202910; free4-3.xml
Listing:	size=786432;type=file;modify=20090320095828; LA GRAINE ET LE MULET FR.DVDRIP.avi
Listing:	size=1291;type=file;modify=20090207174420; mezzo.xml
Listing:	size=2465153572;type=file;modify=20070817222502; Yves Montand.ts
Status:	Directory listing successful
Status:	Sending keep-alive command
Command:	NOOP

but from the URL list I created (herebelow), you can see that "adsl TV yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm-ss" as been taken out from the filenames, leading to non working transfers.à%20Vienne%202008%20%20%20John%20Mc%20Laughlin%20and%20the%204th%20dimension%20[Mezzo].mpg[France%203].mpg[France%203].mpg[France%203].mpg[Mezzo].avi[Mezzo].mpg[Mezzo].avi[Mezzo].mpg

thanks in advance Marc Neiger

#4683 fixed Problem with automatic update Stefan

Every time FileZilla checked for new updates it will show Version is avaliable. If I try to download this file, there is an error message "Timer creation failed". Got the problem every time, not only at my own system, even at other PCs. I had to download latest version manually.

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