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#12440 fixed FTBS: buffer.cpp fails with GCC 11 Phil Wyett

FTBS: buffer.cpp fails with GCC 11.

#12431 worksforme Meldung INSECURE FTP DATA CONNECTION teetrinker

when connecting to my FritzBox 6490 FW7.25 with current FZ 3.53.1 Iam now getting the message: INSECURE FTP DATA CONNECTION. THIS SERVER DOES NOT SUPPORT TLS SESSION RESUMPTION ON THE DATA CONNECTION

With previous filezilla versions I do not get this messgage.

#12426 worksforme FileZilla 3.53 kills my ubuntu 20.04 network-manager Uwe

This is an very awkward problem.It's been annoying me on my notebook for 5 months now and when it started on my local server as well I can now track it down to the install of Filezilla 3.53.1.

First things first.

My laptop started to fail to boot into network. After some log search I always dig the following error message from syslog: Apr 15 16:50:31 Quietearth2 NetworkManager[1244]: /usr/sbin/NetworkManager: symbol lookup error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ undefined symbol: gnutls_srp_allocate_client_credentials, version GNUTLS_3_4

Removing /usr/local/lib/ makes network manager start again.

Now the same error ocurred on the reboot of my server after the recent first time installation of filezilla client. And the same workaround made Network-Manager start again.

It is the lib that came with filezilla.

My laptop is a Kubuntu 20.04.2 Thinkpad T460, my server is an Ubuntu 20.04.2 Dell Optiplex 7040

I downloaded the tarball of the client and copied the files from bin, lib und share in /usr/local respectively.

If I can provide further system info and logs, feel free to ask.

I suspect the to have a similar problem but I can not provide the same clear evidence as above.

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