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#241 Some menu items not translated into Spanish anonymous

At menu "Edición" (Edit): Import settings ---> Importar configuración

At menu "Transferencia" (Transfer): Manual transfer... ---> Transferencia manual...

At menu "Vista" (View): Show hidden files ---> Mostrar archivos ocultos Remote treeview ---> Explorador remoto de archivos

At menu "Cola" (Queue): Use multiple connections ---> Usar varias conexiones

At menu "Server": Menú title: Server ---> Servidor Change password ---> Cambiar contraseña Enter raw FTP command ---> Enviar orden directa FTP Copy URL to clipboard ---> Copiar URL al portapapeles

Some dialog boxes would be reported in a future bug ;-)

-- El defeKto 2000 <ed2k@…>

#242 cannot execute FileZilla_Server_0_8_0.exe tdwong

NTCMD_S:\Software\NetTools\FTP\FILEZI~1>file FileZilla_Server_0_8_0.exe FileZilla_Server_0_8_0.exe: extended DOS executable (.EXE)

NTCMD_S:\Software\NetTools\FTP\FILEZI~1>FileZilla_Serve r_0_8_0.exe This program cannot be run in DOS mode.

#243 lowercase and uppercase in remote dir anonymous

I'm using an Unix FTP Server. The directory structure looks like this :

/home/exploit /home/dev /home/EXPLOIT

Its impossible to access to /home/EXPLOIT after an access to /home/exploit !!!

Sorry for my english, just try it to understand me...

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