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#4799 duplicate Local zip with escaped apostrophe in filename shows as a folder with file inside Darkswitch

When browsing local system files in Filezilla, a zip file with an escaped apostrophe in the filename shows up as a folder (named as everything before the apostrophe, not including the backslash), with it's contents being a zip file (named as the apostrophe onward).

How I encountered the bug: -Connect to server with files identical to the files stored locally -Navigate to the zip file's containing folder on the remote host -Navigate to the zip file's containing folder locally -The local folder contained identical files as the remote one, except instead of "Guy-123\'s Important", the local folder contained a folder named "Guy-123", and inside of it was a file named "'s Important".

Other information: -The zip file contained a folder named "Guy-123's Important Stuff", without a backslash before the apostrophe.

-In Windows Explorer, the folder with file inside showed up exactly as Filezilla showed it.

-After deleting the folder and contents locally in Windows, and re-copying the zip folder to my local copy of the website in Filezilla, Filezilla created an exact copy of the folder-with-file instance that had previously occurred.

-Using an online control panel, the online zip file's name is also "Guy-123\'s Important".

#11480 rejected only 9998 files on server DashSerg

I have 12089 *.html files in folder. In server preview - only 9998 *.html files in folder. Folder sizes too not equal. Filter files is wrong. Please, correct this greatest soft! Best regards, Serg.

#10218 outdated Failed to load SSL libraries Do not touch Data3 Corp

Hi We have a few clients that receive the message "Failed to load SSL libraries" when trying to connect to our FileZilla Server. Our Users are currently running FileZilla and our FileZilla Server version is 0.9.43. We understand that there are newer versions of the FileZilla Server, but since this server is in production we do not want upgrade (which will affect other clients) until we know for sure other that it will address this issue. Other Technical information about this issue is:

We have currently set up the Server to use FTPS on Port 990. The Server Certificate is a FileZilla generated cert using TLS 1.2 On the Server when the connection fails we can see a message in the log: "431 Could not initialize SSL connection"

The clients are set to use: Protocol: FTP- File Transfer Protocal Encryption: Require implicit FTP over TLS Logon Type: Normal

Additional information can be provided. ANY help with this issue will be greatly appreciated! Good Day, Chris K

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