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#1282 Timezone issue Alexander Schuch bellyman69

I checked and found a bug entered from 2005. (didn't seem to have any answer) However, I am suffering today.

Client is XP PRO. Connecting to a Linux box (Linux 2.6.9-55.0.2.EL)

When I connect the times are +4 hours off. So it reads in FileZilla as 13:08 instead of 09:08. I set the time zone offset (TimeZoneOffset="-4" ) accordingly and the times are ok.

The Linux timezone is EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) - correct. Double checked the time and it is fine. When I drop a file onto my Linux box via FileZilla the FILE TIME is correct.

Current FileZilla is 2.2.32.

Very odd. Points to a "how is Filezilla determining the proper time zones?" question.

I dropped a file into another site and sure enough the time was wrong (compared to what my time zone is). The only issue is I have no control of that box so I am unsure what timezone it is in nor it's settings.

thanks belly

#1288 Filezilla 2.2.20 introduced a USER32.DLL bug on Win95OSR2 Alexander Schuch mmokrejs


I cannot run any Filezilla on Windows 95 since 2.2.20 to cuurent version. I tracked down he last working version was 2.2.19a. After installing bugzilla and attempting to execute it I get a popup error message:

C:\Program Files/Filezilla/Filezilla.exe The device connected to tthe system does not work.

(sorry, the actual message is not in English so I have to translate that).

A second popup window contains:

Error during program execution File FILEZILLA.EXE is connected/linked to USER32.DLL:EndMenu

Maybe the second message gives you some clue. Thanks. Martin

#1307 exporting settings Alexander Schuch pcburner68

I could not transfer settings from the old version to the newer version

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