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#10116 rejected the current Mac version doesn't work. Chase

This Mac version doesn't work. Examples of errors are shown below:

Status: Starting upload of /Temp/testnew.C Status: Retrieving directory listing of "/D/Temp"... Status: Listing directory /D/Temp Command: put "/Temp/testnew.C" "testnew.C" Error: /D/Temp/testnew.C: open for write: bad message Error: File transfer failed

#2871 thanks for your input Alexander Schuch olidel_36


You are right about the CHGFTPA command, but as you said it is annoying to change this parameter globally because in our case we have some other script which may rely on the default way that the AS400 list the directories informations. As you said, I guess it shouldn't be to difficult to at least let the possibiblity to a filezilla user to add some customized command that would help a lot.



#12321 worksforme Clisson


I am trying to edit a file but I get this message :

The 'functions.php' cannot be opened. The associated program ('Applications/' %f) could not be found. Please check your file type associations.

I've never had a problem with earlier versions. And I have installed and working. I am trying to finish a setup for a website launch on Wednesday, so please help me with this.

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