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#229 upload of file to an empty dir fails anonymous

Uploading of a file to a remote empty dir fails if the file exists in the remote dir's parent dir (ie. as a sibling to the remote dir).

For example:

When trying to upload local file c:\tmp\foo to remote

empty dir /tmp/test/foo, if the remote file /tmp/foo exists, then filezilla will think that file "foo" already exists on the remote host and will prompt if I wan to overwrite or not. If I skip, then it skips ok; but if I ask to overwrite (hoping it will writing into /tmp/test/foo, not into /tmp/foo), then filezilla will fail. It will display the contents of /tmp/test/ and will show status of "Too many retries".

Thanks in advance for fixing this bug. /Eric

#230 View / Edit ffs

The menu option "View / Edit" should use the windows explorer default editor if "File viewing / editing" doesn't have a program manually configured to view/edit the file...


#231 No elipsis (...) on certain menu items anonymous

It is standard practice in MS Windows UI design to put an elipsis (...) on any manu item which will raise a dialog box. Elipses are present on the Transfer->Manual Transfer option, the Queue->Import option, etc., but are not present on the Edit->Settings menu option and others. A quick look over the mneu and simple edit of the resource file should fix this.


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