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#4547 fixed Filesize 0 on upload mappingcenter

Using and on uploads that are larger (100mb+), it displays uploaded file in Successful transfers window and shows file name on server, but the filesize is 0. I search forums and tickets but could not find anything. I did increase timeout setting to 9999 and Network configuration wizard runs successfully.

#4557 fixed Non-informative message when deleting files Michal Letowski

When I delete files from remote directory, FileZilla asks me, if I want to delete them. It would be nice if the message was more informative, eg. the number of files to be deleted was displayed.

#4559 fixed Command line sftp - Interactive prompt for User and/or password mkoniako


When starting Filezilla sftp sessions using command-line, a feature to force Filezilla to interactively prompt in dialog for user and/or password at start. This would be very usefull when starting Filezilla connections from other applications/Infrastructure databases. If for security reasons, you do NOT want to supply the password on the command line or in a site definition.

Currently (v3.2.4.1) Filezilla command-line sftp, if user/password i omitted, Filezilla just tries with empty fields (or anonymous?)

Case 1 Running: "C:\Program Files\FileZilla Client\filezilla.exe" sftp://hostname:22 Feature: Filezilla prompts interactively in dialog for user and password.

Case 2 Running: "C:\Program Files\FileZilla Client\filezilla.exe" sftp://root@hostname Feature: Filezilla prompts interactively in dialog for password.

Proposed solutions: 1a. Change default connection option to "Interactive" when user and/or password is NOT in command-line 1b. Add argument (ex "-i" for interactive) that force Filezilla to interactively prompt for user/password. (Any command/line supplied user/password could be entered as suggestion)

  1. Add the same functionality for FTP

Thank you!

Best Regards

Mikael Koniakowski

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