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#1272 HTTP Proxy authentication Base64 extra = Alexander Schuch bqx22

When logging to my HTTP Proxy Filezilla send Base64 encoded user:pass with an extra '=' character at the end. This is not supported by my company proxy and doesn't seem to be required by base64 standard.

here is a sample of what is sent by firefox and what is sent by filezilla

firefox: Proxy-Authorization: Basic xmVdaXNyOnNUdi0wGmNxanZk

filezilla: Authorization: Basic xmVdaXNyOnNUdi0wGmNxanZk= Proxy-Authorization: Basic xmVdaXNyOnNUdi0wGmNxanZk=

#1279 different sorting in tree and file view Alexander Schuch tripexx

The sorting algorithm in the (remote) tree view seems to differ from the algorithm in the (remote) file view underneath. On one hand (german) vowel mutations are grouped amongst the classic vowels but on the other hand they are listed at the end.

#1282 Timezone issue Alexander Schuch bellyman69

I checked and found a bug entered from 2005. (didn't seem to have any answer) However, I am suffering today.

Client is XP PRO. Connecting to a Linux box (Linux 2.6.9-55.0.2.EL)

When I connect the times are +4 hours off. So it reads in FileZilla as 13:08 instead of 09:08. I set the time zone offset (TimeZoneOffset="-4" ) accordingly and the times are ok.

The Linux timezone is EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) - correct. Double checked the time and it is fine. When I drop a file onto my Linux box via FileZilla the FILE TIME is correct.

Current FileZilla is 2.2.32.

Very odd. Points to a "how is Filezilla determining the proper time zones?" question.

I dropped a file into another site and sure enough the time was wrong (compared to what my time zone is). The only issue is I have no control of that box so I am unsure what timezone it is in nor it's settings.

thanks belly

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