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#285 400 char welcome message anonymous

I managed to put all kinds of legal stuff into the welcome message, the text length was about 400 chars and from that moment on, no clients could connect. Clients gets instantly disconnected, sometimes they receive the first line of the welcome message, but as a general rule they don't get any. Connection closed by remote host. I then deleted the welcome message, restarted the server and it works normally again.

#286 Debug - Menu links2learning

In SETTING in ver 2.15 there is an option DEBUG MENU. There is no reference to this in the HELP file. So what does it do? I've tried in checked/unchecked modes and can find litle difference? Have I missed something?

#287 LS only shows files with uid in /etc/passwd cdevidal

I use winbind on an SFTP server, which uses the standard nsswitch.conf and associated libraries (so this problem is likely to be seen with NIS or similar services). If I use SFTP on a linux commandline or if I use PSFTP in DOS, I see these files. But FileZilla ignores these files. It's probably because it doesn't look up the user/group name with the standard unix utility getent (or with similar unix calls). All other unix utilities I've used do this lookup.

This appears to be a bigger issue than winbind. If a server uses NIS or something else (with settings in nsswitch.conf), this will probably fail.

I suggest, rather than reading /etc/passwd, do 'getent passwd' or a similar unix call. Same with groups. I don't know if the code does this but I assume it does based on the behavior.


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